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untitled by tori valentine on Flickr.

(via imgTumble)

(via imgTumble)

Sunday, please :3

"Eww why is she beautiful coz she’s not"


black and white/ black fashion here

Walking shoes peg :3
A variety of black pumps as reference
I’ve been waiting for this long weekend to finally read a book again. Problem is, I cannot settle on one book. I keep on fearing I would be dissatisfied of the ending. I tried Murakami and tried chick lit but it’s not working. Perhaps it’s the prelims looming like a storm over my head. I should really sleep now. This day has been one of the best Sundays ever. Tomorrow, I’ll write about today and stay away from sns.

Write for the first 15 to 30 minutes
Clean and Tidy up
Make pancakes
Wash garments
Review for Prelims
Watch movies with my husband
Read fiction